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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Nose Job | Breast Implants

Actress Sandra Bullock was a tomboy growing up, but before and after pictures of her plastic surgery show that she's changed -- she's had a nose job. There’s also speculation that Bullock has breast implants, but there is little photographic evidence of this change. Most pictures show the same frame, same physique she’s had since her early days in movies like “Love Potion No. 9” and “While You Were Sleeping.”

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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

This before and after picture of Sandra Bullock shows the slight change to the actress’s nose after having a nose job. Like other (smart) actors, Bullock opted to only change her nose slightly; making it a bit more defined. But she maintained the basic shape, and her unique look. 

sandra bullock nose job

Despite speculation and rumors, it is doubtful that Sandra Bullock has breast implants. Most pictures of the actress look just like this one….no signs of augmentation through plastic surgery.

sandra bullock breast implants

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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

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