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Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Tennis phenom Serena Williams has had at least one plastic surgery procedure; she’s had a nose job. There’s rumor that the athlete also has butt implants. This speculation seems far-fetched however, when you consider her training and sports schedule. Though the recovery time for this type of surgery is less than two weeks, it’s doubtful this high-performance athlete would take a risk like this while she’s still at the peak of her career.

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serena williams plastic surgery

This before and after picture shows the distinct difference in Serena William’s face after her nose job. Serena’s nose is less wide and the tip has been narrowed. 

serena williams nose job

It’s pictures like these that led to speculation that Serena Williams has butt implants. But the change visible in this before and after picture can be explained by simple weight gain (not plastic surgery), and by whether or not the athlete is currently training. 

Serena Williams Butt Implants

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Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

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