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Shakira Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Colombian singer-song writer Shakira denies any plastic surgery. But that doesn't stop the media from speculating about it. It's rumored she had a nose job. She does admit to considering it though. Shakira told “In Touch” magazine, ““A few years ago, I considered surgery, breast augmentation and all kinds of things: ‘Maybe my eyebrows should be higher. Maybe my lips should be bigger.’ It was really making me bitter.” The new mom says that she eventually got to a place where she could accept herself, as she is. No plastic surgery for this celebrity, at least for now. 

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shakira plastic surgery

It’s pictures like this before and after that lead people to speculate that Shakira has had a nose job. However, the slight differences can easily be attributed to differences in camera angles, not plastic surgery.

shakira before and after nose job

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Shakira Plastic Surgery

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