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Snooki Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Teeth

  Snooki has changed her appearance with the help of plastic surgery since she first appeared on the scene in “Jersey Shore.” She’s had a nose job and dental work. The reality TV personality, and now bestselling author, has shown surprising restraint however, opting for only a subtle change to her nose. The biggest changes in her appearance have come from her extreme weight loss, changing her from a little Jersey dumpling to a toned, healthy looking celebrity.

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snookie plastic surgery

This before and after picture shows the slight difference to Snooki’s nose following her plastic surgery. She opted for a nose job that narrowed the bridge and made the tip of her nose less rounded, but she maintain much of the original shape. 

snooki nose job

Snookie wasn’t quite as subtle with her dental work. Her new veneers boarder on the cartoonish. 

Snooki Dental Work