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Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants

Soap star Susan Lucci has been in the spotlight for decades. The speculation about possible plastic surgery and breast implants has been around just as long. Lucci denies having any plastic surgery, and there are so few pictures of her pre-Erika Cane days, that it’s hard to confirm. One thing is certain; the sixty-something actress is working hard to stay hard. This recent picture of the actress on vacation with her husband shows Susan Lucci is very fit for her age.

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susan lucci plastic surgery

susan lucci breast implants

It’s hard to imagine that Susan Lucci isn’t, at the very least, using Botox injections to maintain her rarely changing appearance. This picture of Lucci shows an unnaturally smooth forehead for such a big smile. The raised eyebrows (again with no wrinkles or lines) are often a sign of recent Botox.

susan lucci botox

This before and after picture of Susan Lucci may indicate that the soap star has, in fact, had a nose job. Young Lucci’s nose is broader and less defined that her current nose. 

susan lucci nose job

susan lucci body

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