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Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox | Breast Implants

Teri Hatcher doesn't just deny having plastic surgery—she took to Twitter to prove that she doesn't use Botox. Whether or not she's had breast implants is still up for debate. No tweeted pictures about that though. There are a few early pictures of Teri Hatcher where it appears the actress once had smaller breasts. This before and after picture of Hatcher shows a difference in bra size that’s a little too extreme to be chalked up to a push-up bra. 

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Teri Hatcher Breast Implants

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Teri Hatcher took to Twitter to prove to her fans (or more specifically to the media hounding her) that she does not use Botox. She tweeted these pictures of herself, sans makeup and smiling and frowning, to make her case. Ok, Teri. You win. We believe you. 

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Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery

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