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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Dental Work | Braces

Tom Cruise’s propensity for perfectionism extends to his looks; he's had plastic surgery. Cruise has had a nose job and dental work, even wearing braces for a while. In both cases, he was careful not to go overboard. All of his changes look natural. (Just as you’d expect from a perfectionist.) Tom Cruise opted for a nose that slimmed his nose, but didn’t change the overall shape. In fact, Cruise’s nose remains slightly crooked, making it look as though it was broken at some point.

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tom cruise plastic surgery

tom cruise nose job

The biggest impact to Tom Cruise’s looks weren't from plastic surgery. Rather they were from his dental work. Cruise’s teeth were quite crooked. Although the teeth in this before picture may be prosthetics used for this particular film, his own teeth weren’t much better. 

tom cruise dental work

Though Cruise had his teeth straightened when he was young, he had braces put on again in his forties. It seems this was to help align his teeth. Until a few years ago, Cruises’ smile was slightly off-center. Post-braces, he’s all lined up.

tom cruise braces