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Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job | Boob Job

Super model Tyra Banks had help getting her face, and her body, so picture perfect. Banks has had plastic surgery; both a nose job and a boob job. She doesn’t speak about either procedure, but the camera doesn’t lie. The after effects of both procedures are easy to spot. 

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tyra banks plastic surgery

This before and after picture of Tyra Banks clearly shows that she has a different nose than the one she was born with. The plastic surgery narrowed her nose substantially. The tip of her nose has also been sculpted.

tyra banks nose job

The more surprising, and seemingly unnecessary, plastic surgery procedure Tyra Banks has had is breast implants. This before and after picture shows that, by most standards, Banks had a fantastic figure prior to the breast augmentation. But the bar may be set higher for Victoria Secret Models.

tyra banks breast implants

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Tyra Banks Plastic Surgery

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