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Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant Before And After

English footballer, Wayne Rooney has changed his look on and off the field. The Manchester United player had a hair transplant for about 1,500 grafts. The twenty-something athlete’s hair has been thinning, and his hairline receding for years…until, all of a sudden, it wasn’t. A sure sign that Rooney has taken surgical steps to add hair back to his ever-balding head. 

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wayne rooney plastic surgery

This picture of Wayne Rooney shows longer, but thinner hair than we typically see. This, coupled with the fact that the hairline has moved forward, are early a signs of a hair transplant. 

wayne rooney hair transplant

Thanks to his hair transplant, Wayne Rooney’s hair is now longer, and his hairline is moving closer to his eyebrows, and farther away from the back of this head. (Where it was heading fast.)  

wayne rooney after hair transplant